Girls and ICT Policy - Strategic directions

The Association of Women Educators:

  • advocates to Ministers for Education to develop a girls and ICT strategy;
  • advocates to federal and state/territory Offices for Women to focus on girls/women and ICT;
  • continues to promote awareness of girls and ICT issues in Redress;
  • conducts Branch seminars to raise awareness of the girls and ICT issues;
  • conducts training sessions for women teachers to increase their skills in the use of ICT across the curriculum;
  • conducts professional development for teachers that combines ICT skills and gender equity issues;
  • seeks funding for, and conducts events or programs designed to increase awareness of girls and ICT issues. Target audiences for these programs include students, teachers and parents/care givers;
  • seeks funding for a national girls and ICT strategy for AWE;
  • works in partnership with other groups such as women in technology groups to develop a co-ordinated approach to girls and ICT;
  • identifies and targets good practices in schools and publicises these through the AWE website, Redress, email lists, etc;
  • provides examples, resources and linkages on the AWE website.

To find out more download AWE's Girls and ICT Policy.